Dog Walker in Bredbury: Reliable Dog Walker in Stockport and Bredbury

Do you need a low cost, reliable dog walker in Stockport or Bredbury? Then look no further than Who’s Walking Who? We offer a variety of services in Bredbury, Stockport for pet care. These include:

If you are interested in any of our services, be it dog walkers, pet taxis, puppy home visits or kitten home visits, we will be glad to visit you at your home for a free, no obligation consultation.

We only want what’s best for your pet so we like to make sure we know about any potential problems, illnesses or health issues together with contact details for your vet if necessary to provide the best possible service while your animals are in our care. The free home consultation allows us to gather all this important information and also gives us a chance to meet your and your pet face to face.

Tailored services from our Stockport dog walker in Bredbury

At Who’s Walking Who? we recognise that not all dogs are the same. Just like people there are different personailties and conflicts can sometimes occur. We offer both group dog walking and a solo dog walker service to allow dogs who prefer their own company the chance to stretch thier legs, without the need to ‘run with the pack’. Group dog walks are for up to 4 dogs with matched personalities to walk together, we will never put your dog in danger or cause an uncomfortable situation between animals when out walking, that way we all have a great time enjoying the outdoors.

Bredbury dog walker

Don’t let your dog be bored at home all day, no-one wants to come home and find chewed up items and an over active dog bounding around. Why not let us take your dog out for an fun filled walk in Bredbury, with the chance to discover interesting new sights and smells and run off all of that pent up energy!

Who’s Walking Who? services are available in the following areas: Bredbury, Woodley, Hyde, Denton, Reddish, Heaton Chapel, Offerton, Romiley, Compstall, Marple and Marple Bridge.

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