Dog Walkers in Romiley: Professional Dog Walker in Romiley

Who’s Walking Who? provide low cost dog walking services, pet taxi and kitten/puppy visits in the Stockport and Romiley area. Our dog walker Bev has a long history of caring for dogs, cats and other animals both at work and home, in addition to owning severals dogs over her lifetime, Bev has working as a veterinary assistant at a local vets where she worked with a large variety of different breeds, ages and temperaments of dogs. This, mixed with her many years of experience has provided a sound base from which to offer fantastic pet care services in Stockport and Romiley.

Low rates, reliable service and a complete package is what you want from your dog walker, and we deliver on all three

We treat every animal in our care as an individual, dog walker, pet taxi or home visitor, our approach is unique in every way to your requirements and the needs of your beloved pets. Our dog walkers are fully attentive to your dog’s needs and safety at all times when out for a walk and there is always a canine first aid kit on hand in case of any unavoidable emergencies. This last point is especially important and we would always recommend that responsible dog owners carry some sort of first aid kit with them at all times. You never know when your dog may scrape itself on a sharp nail or branch, or cut open a paw on some carelessly smashed glass hidden in the grass, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. Nt all dogs have the ‘pack menality’ and many prefer the company of people to other dogs, older dogs may not always appreciate the energy of youngsters bounding around them or trying to set the pace, so our dog walkers try to match dogs of similar ages and temperaments during group walks. Another option may be a solo walk where it’s just one on one time for our walker nad your dog to enjoy the great outdoors undisturbed.

Romiley dog walker, pet taxi and pet home visits

With the variety of pet services we offer at fantastic prices, the love, experience and enthusiasm we bring to our work and the reliable, year round availability Who’s Walking Who? is the perfect choice for your dog walker and pet care needs.